Stay Inspired - 7 Graphic Design Ideas That Make Your Business Logo Hip In 2021

The majority of your users relate your business or your brand to a certain logo. They associate your offerings with a particular emblem. They want to continue doing that but you have something else in your mind. You want to revamp your brand.

You want to change the image of your business. The most practical and possibly the easiest thing to do is to give it a design overhaul. How are you going to do it without losing traction and the interest of your audience? 

The following graphic design ideas play important roles in the lives of graphic designers.

Artsybundles , Stay Inspired - 7 Graphic Design Ideas That Make Your Business Logo Hip In 2021


 Let’s find out:

1. Choosing A Uniform Color Palette

Have you ever thought about choosing and sticking to a similar and uniform color palette? Your present business logo is known for its contemporary and warm colors. That palette has worked in your favor for your years. But deviating from it might be a drastic change for your customers. 

If you are aiming for a total overhaul of your business image, you may choose a different color palette altogether. But the trick here is to keep it uniform and cohesive. Do not shock your audience with too much change. Use pleasant and inviting colors that are relatable and attractive. Choose a color palette that retains the essence of your brand and its uniqueness.

2. The Fonts And Typography Speak A Lot

You don’t want to confuse your audience. If you are thinking about choosing a flowery or beautiful font, make sure that it is not over the top. The overlapping strokes and curves of any font are going to confuse your readers a lot.

The whole typography, if not of the right size and proportion, is going to ruin the appeal of your brand logo. If you want to come across as hip and yet considerate of your audience, make sure that your logo can convey the message across easily. 

The design is not meant to function as a puzzle. It is supposed to make things easier to read for your users. Your brand logo when combined with the fonts and their sizes and styles that you have chosen should compliment them.

Look for a few contemporary templates and tried and tested pairings that have worked wonders for your peers in the industry in the past years. Get inspired by those combinations when choosing the right design and font elements for your business.

3. The Freshness Is Palpable

What about choosing a circular emblem instead of a triangular one? What about going with a cool color instead of a warm shade? The idea is to create a logo or a graphic design that speaks to your audience without any difficulty. It is about creating a genuine freshness in your brand with the right use of colors and textures. 

You can either make them bubbly and approachable or creative and imaginative. With these Graphic design ideas, you can use flowery intricacies and get inspired by natural elements. You can include bold curves and textures in your final logo. The aim is to attract your users to your new emblem and to fascinate them with your new identity.

4. Be Bold And Creative

You can be bold and creative. And these are not just words. It applies to both the kind of design that you want to choose and the font that you want to pick for your final and brand-new business logo.

If you really want to accentuate the colors, you may choose something solid and without any texture. If you want to highlight a few alphabets, the right bold font is going to do the trick. Remember, the idea is not to offend or hinder your audience. 

You want to encourage them to click on your website or make a purchase from your revamped brand. It is all about getting them even more attracted to what you have to offer.

Retain the unique personality traits of your business and what it represents. This can only be done when you are careful with the choice of the bold elements that you want to incorporate in your business emblem.

5. Go 3D Or Go Home

Several businesses have started investing in 3D logos and digital art. These give a very beautiful effect to your business logo. The 3D models produced these days are very realistic and the lighting makes them even more fantastical and engaging.

If you are thinking about redesigning or re-launching a certain brand that exists within the spectrum of your offerings, this could be one of the most intelligent decisions.

6. Say Yes To Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are very minimalistic and attractive at the same time. They bring a lot of sophistication and class to your design language. You do not have to decorate them or add any intricate elements to attract your users.

You know very well the kind of audience you are catering to and this makes it even more practical and easier for you to approach them. Say yes to geometric shapes when you know that your users mean business.

7. Get Inspired By Your Logo

This is going to be a very interesting twist in the entire designing process in your company. If you are trying to reinstate your brand or probably relaunch a subsidiary of your company, you could always get a lot of inspiration from your existing business logo. 

Remember, the year 2021 is not about abandoning your original school of thought. You can always recreate it with a twist. You can build upon it and come up with a design that speaks to your audience better than it used to earlier.

You can keep a significant portion of your existing business logo and brand image and then build upon it with additional design elements. You will be able to keep the essence of your brand alive, all the while giving it a fresh look and feel.

Final Thoughts

Whatever the purpose may be for you to redesign your brand image or your logo, you can still remain true to your ideology and the most elemental design components that you had started with.

You do not have to deviate from your original design language all the way to create an impact on your customer or user. Be more creative. Be more experimental. The new canvas and graphic design ideas might just prove to be bigger and better than you ever thought possible.